Writing Samples

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Local Boys Make Good Music

With a Kickstarter campaign and a new record deal under its belt, Honor By August sees endless possibilities.

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Cosmetic Enhancements: Natural Beauty

When Nuclear Regulatory Commission Analyst Ashley Prange couldn’t find a high-quality, all-natural makeup brand she liked, she took matters into her own hands, literally.

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Dewey Beach: Grownups Gone Wild

Dewey Beach is is where Washington singles — young and old — go to relax, drink, and find true love. Or at least a good one-night stand.

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That’s Mr. Manners To You

Sommelier and scribe Jason Tesauro may not have been to the manor born, but he was certainly to the manners born.

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Better Than Fiction

Their band may be called The Downtown Fiction, but Fairfax pop-punk trio Cameron Leahy, Eric Jones and David Pavluk are the real deal.

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Good Chemistry

A Bethesda beauty exec’s latest line is breaking boundaries in savvy skin care.

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Internet Saves The Radio Star

Sure, we’ve watched as the music scene in DC has grown — but will ever ascend again to the status of Henry Rollins era? Yes, if Paul Vodra has anything to say about it.